Turning KL into a sustainable city of the future

Global electronics leader Siemens AG is in talks with the Malaysian government over plans to adopt new technologies that address resource scarcity and rising populations in major cities such as Kuala Lumpur.

"We have ongoing talks with the regulatory bodies and government agencies in Malaysia on how to tackle some issues in creating sustainable cities," said Roland Busch, Chief Executive Officer for Infrastructure and Cities Sector of Siemens.

This is in line with Malaysia's goal of becoming a developed nation in 2020 and Kuala Lumpur's target of becoming a sustainable city.

Busch explained that Siemens can provide innovative technologies to tackle problems such as climate change, an ageing population, rapid urbanisation and globalisation. These technologies can help cities improve their environment, quality of life and competitiveness.

"We hope to play a big role in helping Malaysia develop a sustainable city status for Kuala Lumpur," said Busch during the unveiling of The Crystal in the Royal Victoria Docks - London's new green enterprise district.

The Crystal is a £35 million (RM175 million) sustainable cities initiative by Siemens that will explore ways to create better metropolises using the company's technologies.

The centre showcases smart city technologies across various sectors from construction, transportation, healthcare and utilities. More importantly, visitors can catch a glimpse of how futuristic cities will look like.

"The centre is designed to showcase how energy-efficient solutions can be deployed in buildings of the future," noted Busch, adding that they hope to attract infrastructure experts, urban planners and decision-makers.

Meanwhile, several Malaysian developers are already working on creating intelligent buildings.

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