Casual MMORPG Anime Ninja to start slicing up Indonesian gamers next month

Indonesian game publisher Prodigy Infinitech will introduce yet another MMO game called Anime Ninja next month. It is a web-based MMORPG, with the very popular anime and manga Naruto as its theme. It will be turn-based, and will feature playable versions of Naruto’s most popular heroes and villains. The game will also feature rather unique systems such as summoning, ninja recruiting, and a chakra system.

Anime Ninja is, in a way, a follow-up to the Facebook-based game Anime Pirates, published by Prodigy Infinitech last March. It possesses many similarities with Anime Pirates; although it is based on a different anime series, the game plays basically the same. Both are turn-based MMORPGs with formation systems in which a player can play 5 characters at once, divided into 3 lines.


Class and rank

At the start of the game, players get to pick one of the 6 starter characters, which are divided into 3 classes, which are Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, and Taijutsu. Players can gain more party members by progressing through the story or by recruiting them using souls. Souls can be gained by playing jankenpon, or rock paper scissors. The game boasts more than 60 playable characters (not including the upgraded forms, which will be explained later).

Some characters are more powerful than others, with S-class ninjas being the strongest. It is possible to enchant your characters to make them stronger. If you are familiar with the Naruto anime or manga, the titular protagonist becomes extremely powerful as story progresses, until he reaches a state known as sage mode. In this game you can upgrade the normal Naruto to become Sage Mode Naruto, who is far stronger than the normal version. Upgrading requires souls, and some upgrades also requires other resources, which can be gained from dungeons. Dungeons can also contain other valuable loot.

There are many ways to strengthen your characters, such as upgrading them like I mentioned before, upgrading their equipment, or training their chakras. Upgrading or crafting equipment will cost players some money and resources. The chakra training system is unique; you will use a slot machine to decide which stats your character will gain from the training.


Clans and guilds

The game also features a good clan system. Once reaching a certain level, players will be able to join one of the three clans, which is pretty much their nation allegiance. One of the unique features is the fact that there is also guild system in the game, where players from various clans can join up and create a guild. This means there will be two totally separate wars: clan wars and guild wars, and enemies in clan wars can actually be allies in the guild wars.

I personally think Anime Ninja looks like one of the best web-based MMORPG games that will be available in the Indonesia market this year, boasting lots of features that cannot be found in other games. If it’s as similar to Anime Pirates as it looks, it might not be as engaging as client-based MMO games, but it definitely accomplishes a lot for a web-based game. It will likely be a good choice for casual gamers or busy gamers who just don’t have the time for client-based games. Anime Ninja will be in closed beta on the 16th September 2013.

(Editing by Charlie Custer)

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