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The five fastest SUVs you can buy

The joys of owning a SUV is proof that you still love driving despite the hefty dimensions they bare, but here is a thing or two about their doppelgängers that knows speed and performance without any boundaries. Just beware of spectacular petrol bills and speeding tickets though.

Ever wondered why modern SUVs are becoming a must-have form of transportation for society? Well first, they are practical and no longer perceived as an utilitarian vehicle like how it once was. But there are a few, extremely bonkers SUVs that leaves us all in a state of awe. So here are the list of the five fastest SUVs you can buy.

Unlike the X6M, the X5M retains a traditional SUV exterior style.


If you’re not fond of the X6’s coupè-silhouette look, then the X5M is the ultimate, traditional-looking fast SUV that you should opt for. It might look like a regular X5 to some but it doesn’t perform like one. Dynamics and ability are on par with most sports cars but the X5M shines more as a straight-line performer, thanks to the 555bhp turbocharged V8 upfront. But back to square one, how can you choose this over the more attractive X6M?

Price: POA
Engine: 8 cyls, 4395cc, AWD
Power: 555bhp, 680Nm,
0-100km/h: 4.7 seconds

The coupè-inspired roofline on the X6M is an attractive touch.


A worthy entrée here as it remains one of Munich’s fastest SUVs ever produced, the X6M is a interesting alternative in our comparison. Despite sharing the same output in performance with the X5M, the X6M overshadows it with more style and poise. Being a M-division-developed model, driving dynamics is at the top of the agenda and it moves stingingly fast from a standstill by clocking 4.7 seconds to 100km/h. Oh yes, it goes, albeit being limited to 250km/h by German traffic law standards.

Price: RM1,188,800
Engine: 8 cyls, 4395cc, AWD
Power: 555bhp, 680Nm
0-100km/h: 4.7 seconds

Although its a SUV, the Porsche badge on the Cayenne proves all critics wrong.

3.Porsche Cayenne Turbo S

Yes, the bulbous but serious Cayenne is one hell of an SUV to throw around. Like most traditional SUVs, you can start off the line with a regular, V6-powered variant or opt for the hardcore Turbo S version for all the bells and whistles. Apart from the growl and speeding tickets, there is a proper cabin for you to tuck yourself in for a long journey and yes, it is something Porsche hasn't been able to deliver before. But if you’re heavy on the pasties, then we’d suggest you take the lighter GTS-variant.

Price: RM1,330,000
Engine: 8 cyls, 4806cc, AWD
Power: 550bhp, 750Nm
0-100km/h: 4.5 seconds

The ML63 balances out both performance and luxury in harmony.

4.Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG

The gentleman’s express for the brash, fast-going SUV society set. The ML63 might look a little lofty due to its long-known luxury badge, but there is no shortage of excitement when you are driving one. Ability and poise might not be on par with its rivals but when the monstrous V8 upfront roars, this is where things start to become fun. Besides that, Merc has blessed its range of engines with the fuel-sipping BlueEfficiency tech so they don't drink fuel like a thirsty hydro-electric power plant.

Price: RM1.1 million (est)
Engine: 8 cyls, 5461cc, AWD
Power: 525bhp, 700Nm
0-100km/h: 4.7 seconds

The Evoque-inspired styling is now imminent on the all-new Range Rover Sport.

5.Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Yes, the suave all-new Range Rover Sport is going to hit our shores very soon. Although some leftists would miss the traditional body style of the old, the new Sport is a revelation over the former. Simply better to drive than before, the Sport is expected to give its German rivals a stiff competition and build quality is simply superb. There are lots more to explain but here is one line that says it all: If Rolls Royce were into making performance SUV’s, the Range Rover Sport is the outcome.

Price: TBA
Engine: 8 cyls, 4999cc, AWD
Power: 510bhp, 625Nm
0-100km/h: 5 seconds

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