The Jaegers of Pacific Rim

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In "Pacific Rim", when gigantic alien beings started emerging from the rift in the Pacific Ocean in 2013, humanity had little response against the monsters that would later be known as Kaijus. The first attack happened in San Franciso when the Kaiju, known as 'Tresspasser', destroys the Golden Gate Bridge on what was known as K-Day when the first Kaijus appeared.

Humanity's initial response to stem the Kaiju threat was to destroy them with nuclear weapons, but the risk of radiation and collateral damage to the planet demanded a better solution. After the Kaiju's fourth attack in Australia, a scientist named Dr. Jasper Schoenfeld gets inspired after seeing his child playing with his robot and monster toys.

Thus, the Jaeger Program was initiated, named after the German word for hunter. The Jaegers would be controlled by two or more specially trained pilots called Rangers, who must form a 'neural bridge' between them and the machine. This connection is known as the Drift.

But even at the edge of humanity's hope, these few remaining Jaegers are the ones that will still stand up against the Kaijus if mankind is to face extinction.

Coyote Tango

Launched in 2015 as a Mark-1 class jaeger, Coyote Tango is one of the first Jaegers to be built from the Jaeger Program. Though it is one of the few known Jaegers that can be controlled by a single pilot, it was piloted by none other than the legendary Jaeger pilot Stacker Pentecost, and his friend Tamsin Sevier.

The Jaegar comes with two atomic canons on its shoulders that can be fired from long range before engaging with the Kaiju. While it has light armor, it traded protection for speed and agility which allowed the Jaeger to perform quick attack maneuvers on the Kaijus and evade their attacks.

Coyote Tango had a total confirmed kill of 2 Kaijus, including the Kaiju 'Onibabain' that attacked Tokyo.

Cherno Alpha

Cherno Alpha was launched in 2017 and is one of the only two Mark-4 Jaegers to be launched, which was followed by China's own Crimson Typhoon about a month later. The Jaeger is the most heavily armored of all the Jaegers, making it the heaviest with the weight of 2,412 tonnes that epitomizes slow but sturdy. One of its unconventional design is its 'head' which is actually a massive power reserve for the Jaeger, and serves as a distraction for the Kaijus trying to locate the pilots' cockpit that is hidden away in the torso of the Jaeger.

The jaeger is piloted by the married couple, Aleksis and Sasha Kaidanovsky. Sasha holds the record for having the longest and most stable neural bridge connection to her Jaeger besides Stacker Pentecost, in contrast to her husband who is known for his aggressive streak that has become a concern on the battlefield.

Cherno Alpha uses a pair of fist that are electrically charged by Tesla cells, and the pilots makes it a habit to pound their fists together before attacking a Kaiju as a taunt. It also has foot spikes on its underfoot that can be deployed to lock the Jaeger in its place.

Crimson Typhoon

This 250 feet (75 meters) Jaeger was built in Beijing and launched in 2018, shortly after Cherno Alpha, to battle against the Kaiju 'Sydney'. Unlike the standard 2 pilot configuration in other Jaegers, it is piloted by 3 pilots; the Wei triplets.

Because of the extra brainpower, the Jaeger's design is a little out of the ordinary humanoid structure of other Jaegers, namely a large arm where an Extreme Plasmacaster Canon (EPC) is placed, and two smaller arms with saw claws.

This has made it one of the deadliest Jaeger to be on active duty, as Crimson Typhoon has the second highest number of Kaijus slain with 7 kills.

Striker Eureka

As the latest Jaeger to be launched among all the other Jaegers, Striker Eureka is a Mark-5 Jaeger and boasts some of the most advanced weaponry and technology from the Jaeger Program. The 250 feet (75 meters) megaton is considered by many to be the most powerful among all the remaining active Jaegers and has the record to prove it.

The Jaeger is piloted by the father-son duo, Herc and Chuck Hansen. While Herc is a well-decorated Jaeger pilot, his son lacks experience but makes up for it with his skills and stamina that enables him to master all aspect of his Ranger training.

Striker Eureka is armed with ion-charged brass knuckles on both fists, added by retractable thermal-charged sting blades mounted on each arms for vicious close combat. But the deadliest weapon in Striker Eureka's arsenal is its anti-Kaiju missile launcher that is embedded in its chest plate.

The Jaeger currently holds the highest number of Kaiju kills of 11.

Gipsy Danger

Built after its predecessor Romeo Blue was destroyed by the Kaiju, Gipsy Danger was launched in 2017 and is deemed as the oldest Jaeger to have been recalled to serve in the present Human-Kaiju war.

This Jaeger is piloted by the Becket brothers (Yancy and Raleigh) with 5 confirmed kills.

As a Mark-3 Jaeger, it is the last remaining Jaeger to be powered by a nuclear reactor that can be used to charge the thrusters on its elbows to give Gipsy Danger an added punch, and in the losing war against the Kaiju, this Jaeger may play a special role as humanity's last hope.

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