Siri moves in to Mercedes-Benz.

Love her or find her useless, Siri has got her hooks into Mercedes-Benz.

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at Las Vegas, Mercedes-Benz and Apple have  taken their relationship a step further with the announcement that “intelligent assistant” Siri will be moving in – starting with the 2013 Mercedes Benz E-class.

Owners of the iPhone 4S will be able to access Siri's services by connecting their phones to their Mercedes using the "Drive Kit Plus" option. Once connected, they will be able to have access to all the important content on their iPhone 4S right on the vehicle's screen through the "Digital DriveStyle App" developed by Mercedes-Benz.

Drive Kit Plus hardware and software will be available beginning spring 2013, so that Mercedes customers will be able to use their iPhone 4S without taking their eyes off the road.

A future version of the Drive Kit Plus option will support Siri Eyes Free mode.

Perhaps Siri is more congenial with Mercedes-Benz-owning users of the iPhone 4S the drivers of other marques. Because while Apple likes to tout Siri as the assistant that “will help one to get things done just by asking” other Apple iPhone 4S users (this writer included) have been frustrated by her apparent inability to understand, let alone perform the simplest tasks. From personal experience, while sounding helpful, Siri has been obstructive - from her refusal to call the police despite being asked to several times (instead, she offered the delivery services of a well-known fast food company, also beginning with 'P') to not being able to tell the time. On the plus side, are her unflappable nature and ability to take insults without apparent retaliation (“Siri, are you stupid?”, “You are entitled to your opinion,”).

How well the relationship between Mercedes-Benz-driving users of iPhone 4Ses and Siri progresses now that she has moved in with the "family" remains to be seen.

If you would like to know whether a Drive Kit Plus is available for your Mercedes, take a look at this site:

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