Super Bowl XLVII: Live Report

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The chips and chicken wings have been eaten and the Ravens players have donned their "Super Bowl Champions" hats. So as Baltimore basks in the glow of winning the big game, we are closing our Live Report.

Although the score got as close as two points, Baltimore was able to hold onto its lead throughout the game and leaves New Orleans and Super Bowl XLVII victorious.

0400 GMT: Baltimore is awarded the Vince Lombardi trophy as more purple confetti rains on the team. Game MVP Quarterback Joe Flacco hands the trophy to retiring Ravens star Ray Lewis as the crowd cheers.

0346 GMT: The cameras show the Harbaugh brothers embrace, with the victorious John telling Jim, "Good job."

0343 GMT: The 49ers punt returner is brought down near the 50 yard line for the last play of the game. The Ravens end the night triumphant, 34-31 as purple and gold confetti rains down inside the Superdome.

0341 GMT: The Ravens punter takes a safety, giving San Francisco two points, but shaving more time off the clock, leaving only four seconds left to play.

0336 GMT: With less than two minutes on the clock, the cameras are showing 49ers player in tears on the sidelines. The Ravens are sure to use up all the time they can.

0333 GMT: In four tries, Kaepernick is unable to get the ball into the end zone from the five yard line, even with the help of a time out.

0326 GMT: San Francisco has powered back up the field, getting a first down on the five yard line as play stops for the two minute warning. A touchdown would put the 49ers in the lead.

0320 GMT: FIELD GOAL Baltimore! Rookie Justin Tucker puts a 38-yard kick between the uprights, bringing the score to 34-29 with just over four minutes left to play.

0315 GMT: Jim Harbaugh's high stakes gamble pays off, with the ball being ruled a foot short. But the Ravens get their first down on the next play.

0312 GMT: San Francisco risks losing a precious time out by challenging the decision to give Baltimore a first down. Officials are reviewing the ball placement.

0305 GMT: Kaepernick fails to connect the two point conversion which would have tied the game, leaving the score at 31-29, still a remarkable comeback.

0303 GMT: TOUCHDOWN San Francisco! Kaepernick runs the ball into the end zone for another six points, bringing the score to a tieable 31-29.

0300 GMT: The 49ers are keeping up the pressure on Baltimore, bringing the ball back the red zone in just a few minutes.

0256 GMT: FIELD GOAL Baltimore! Stopped at the two yard line, the Ravens settle for knocking in a 19-yard three point kick, bringing the score to 31-23.

0252 GMT: The battle of Super Bowl advertisers has moved to the lightning fast world of the Internet. Minutes after the lights went out at the Superdome, Oreo released an online ad that said, "You can still dunk in the dark."

0247 GMT: The Ravens are powering their way back up the field, moving more than 50 yards getting a first down in the red zone.

0242 GMT: After a personal foul on a missed field goal, the 49ers get another shot at the uprights, this time at 34 yards. David Akers makes his second try, bringing the score to 28-23.

0238 GMT: A Ravens fumble gives the 49ers the ball again. Momentum has certainly shifted sides after than long power outage delay.

0235 GMT: The extra point is good, bringing the score to 28-20, which means another touchdown and two-point conversion would tie the game which only a few minutes ago looked like a blowout for the Ravens.

0231 GMT: TOUCHDOWN San Francisco! And with that, the score jumps to 28-19 with a player injured ahead of the extra point kick. All the viewers who had written off the 49ers may start paying attention. Now might be the time to note that in five previous Super Bowl appearances, San Francisco has never lost.

0230 GMT: The 49ers regain some momentum, snagging a short, bad punt and running it back to the 20 yard line.

0227 GMT: The NFL has cut the amazing punt return run by Jones to 108 yards from 109, which is significant because that ties the all-time record rather than marking a new one.

0223 GMT: TOUCHDOWN San Francisco! The 49ers reach the end zone for the first time, bringing the score to 28-13.

0217 GMT: The Ravens fail to advance the ball so the 49ers get another shot. They earn a first down to their own 40 yard line.

0210 GMT: After a delay of 34 minutes, play finally resumes. It seems the teams declined the warm-up period. San Francisco fails to get a first down and Baltimore gets the ball again.

0208 GMT: CBS now reporting that in addition to struggling on the field, the 49ers did not have power on their sideline after the power failure, adding to the game delay.

0201 GMT: The lights are slowly coming on inside the Super Dome after a delay of more than 27 minutes. Ravens coach John Harbaugh can be seen shouting at officials, clearly unhappy with the explanation he got.

CBS says both teams will be given time to warm-up before play resumes, with no restrictions.

0150 GMT: Officials have told CBS that bringing the lights back up could take 20 minutes amid speculation that the delay will help San Francisco by breaking Baltimore's momentum.

0143 GMT: Players can be seen milling around the field, stretching and trying to stay loose. Sideline reporters say the building is "well lit" and "not dangerous." They are blaming the outage on a surge.

0135 GMT: The floodlights just went out in the stadium, stopping play. Half the stadium does not have power.

0133 GMT: That staggering run from deep in the end zone is the longest in NFL history.

0130 GMT: TOUCHDOWN Baltimore! Jones sprints 109 yards on the kickoff to score yet another touchdown for the Ravens. The score is now 28-3 less than a minute into the second half.

0125 GMT: CBS Sports reports that tweets per minute spiked to 270,000 when Destiny's Child came out.

0115 GMT: A much-rumored Denstiny's Child reunion comes to life as Beyonce's former bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams take the stage for a medley of their hits.

0110 GMT: In a revealing bit of leather and lace and knee-high boots, she opens with her mega hit "Crazy in Love" and her signature dance moves.

0107 GMT: To the flash a thousands lights and a blast of fireworks, Beyonce takes centerfield.

0101 GMT: With halftime, the second big countdown of the night has started. It is only minutes until megastar Beyonce takes to the field. After taking a lot of flak for not singing live at President Barack Obama's Inauguration in January, she has promised a live performance.

0058 GMT: FIELD GOAL San Francisco! David Akers delivers a 27-yard field goal to bring the score to 21-6 at the half.

0053 GMT: With less than a minute in the first half, the 49ers complete a deep pass and get into the red zone. The next pass puts them at the nine.

0051 GMT: With a late hit on Kaepernick, Baltimore get a penalty for roughing the passer, which is a whopping 15 yards added to the end of the play. That puts the 49ers into Ravens territory.

0047 GMT: TOUCHDOWN Baltimore! Jacoby Jones snags a catch and runs the ball into the end zone for another six points. The extra point puts the Ravens up 21-3.

0043 GMT: San Francisco fails to move the ball up the field so the Ravens get possession again as the first half ticks down.

0034 GMT: Baltimore tries a daring field goal fake, but is denied one yard short of a first down. They hand the ball to San Francisco on the six yard line.

0030 GMT: Personal fouls are assessed to both teams, off-setting each other, so play go on with the Ravens taking the ball again. The interception marks the first time a 49er quarter back has been picked off in six Super Bowl appearances.

0028 GMT: After a Ravens interception, a scuffle broke out on the field, bringing even the 49ers head coach out the break it up. The yellow foul flags are flying.

0024 GMT: Like many in the game's massive audience, my colleague lifestyle editor Robert MacPherson is watching the commercials more closely than the game.

He calls the commercials game a "a battle of the hashtags!" Virtually every ad tonight has its own dedicated Twitter hashtag to encourage viewer reaction. In the case of, the reaction has been brutal. Sticking to its theory that sex sells web hosting services, it got Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli to make out with a ruddy-faced, curly-haired, geeky technician (who in real life is Hollywood extra Jesse Heiman).

“Gross” and “disgusting” were among the reactions on #thekiss. Not that should be disappointed – by the end of the first quarter its hashtag was prominent on the trending list. Others include Oreo, Audi and comedienne Amy Poehler, who appears most prominently in a Best Buy ad inside a front-loading washing machine.

0021 GMT: TOUCHDOWN Baltimore! With a pass to Dennis Pitta, the Ravens are up 14-3.

0019 GMT: A personal foul is called on San Francisco's Donte Whitner for getting his hands on a receiver's face mask, putting Baltimore just a few yards from the end zone.

0015 GMT: The turnover is confirmed and the Ravens take the ball deep in their own territory.

0013 GMT: LaMichael James of the 49ers drops the ball after a run and it is ruled a fumble recovered by Baltimore on the field. Officials are reviewing the call.

0008 GMT: San Francisco starts their drive with a pass and a gain of 29 yards and a first down to put them right in the middle of the field.

0004 GMT: The whistle blows to end the first quarter after Flacco gets hit with a sack and a loss.

0002 GMT: Flacco survives a blitz and completes a high pass to Boldin for a gain of 31 yards that gets the team into San Francisco territory.

0000 GMT: The Ravens have possession again at the 36 yard line.

2353 GMT: FIELD GOAL San Francisco! After a 10-yard sack pushed the 49ers back, they went for the 3-point kick instead. The Ravens are still up 7-3.

2349 GMT: Kaepernick holds onto the ball twice for big gains. After a completed pass, the 49ers are now in the red zone with a first down, inside the 10 yard line.

2346 GMT: The 49ers have the ball at the 19 yard line and begin their drive with a 19-yard gain.

2339 GMT: TOUCHDOWN Baltimore! Flacco passes to Anquan Boldin deep in the end zone. With a good extra point kick, the Ravens are up 7-0.

2337 GMT: Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco completes a long pass to put them in the red zone for the first time.

2324 GMT: San Francisco is forced to punt and the Ravens take the ball on the 49 yard line.

2330 GMT: And they're off! The Ravens kick into the end zone, so San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick starts their first drive on the 20 yard line, but on the first play they get hit with a penalty that wipes out a 20-yard gain.

2329 GMT: Baltimore wins the coin toss, but defers to chose sides in the second half, so San Francisco chooses to receive the first kick, expected in just one minute.

2324 GMT: Of all the families sure to be watching tonight, one has more at stake than most. The two head coaches, John Harbaugh of the Ravens and Jim Harbaugh of the 49ers, are brothers. Their parents have said they are cheering for both teams.

2320 GMT: Alicia Keys, winner of 14 Grammys, is seated at a grand piano, to sing a slow, soulful version of the "Star Spangled Banner."

2315 GMT: Singer Jennifer Hudson has taken to the field to sing "America the Beautiful" along with the children's chorus from Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, the school in which 26 young children were massacred in December.

2309 GMT: The Ravens, led by retiring defensive star Ray Lewis are storming the field to massive cheers. Right behind them come the 49ers.

The crowd is full of fevered partisans, many of whom paid thousands of dollars for tickets to the big game, and they are on their feet showing their team pride.

WELCOME to AFP's Live Report on Super Bowl XLVII between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens. The two teams are battling for football's biggest prize in front of one of the world's biggest TV audiences.

While the phrase "all eyes will be on the game" may be cliche, last year's game drew a staggering 111.3 million viewers, making it the most-watched show in TV history. The second-most watched? The Super Bowl in 2011. And before that? Super Bowl XLIV in 2010.

The Super Bowl has become a cultural event, with parties thrown around the country as fans, some more ardent than others, gather around TVs big and small to eat chips and dip, drink cold beer, and watch the hard hits that have made American football famous.

Such a large audience leads companies pay big bucks to air their commercials during the big game. This year, a 30 second advert is reported to cost $4 mn. With that kind of money on the table, companies put out their best work, and the commercials have become part of the culture surrounding the game.

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